Welcome to The Mayfair Chippy!

The Mayfair Chippy is the new, quintessentially British restaurant in the heart of London’s most historic borough – Mayfair.

Created by East Dulwich Deli founder Tony Zoccola and beauty and hospitality entrepreneur George Hammer, the GrEAT British is a chic and stylish British restaurant that will serve up traditional English fare. Indulge in delicious, authentic British flavours which will remind you of the good ol’ days – minus the grease and bad lighting!

Tony and George are two British blokes on a mission. With an abundance of quality produce and an army of dedicated, passionate farmers and suppliers on Britain’s doorstep, George found the lack of authentic British eateries disappointing, commenting that “Every time I took foreign clients out for a meal, we’d have difficulty finding a great, relaxed but sophisticated British restaurant, so it’d always end up being Italian, Japanese or French instead.” The Great British redresses this balance and satisfies George and Tony’s cravings for the freshest fried eggs, the finest West Country cheeses, quality meat from local butchers, and an unpretentious British menu of traditional favourites and British classics. Every ingredient used in our kitchen and every product served on the premises is of British origin to support small-scale, quality suppliers – As our Head Chef Pete Taylor always says: ‘Why look any further?’